• Epidermal Collarettes in DogsEpidermal Collarettes in Dogs
      Epidermal collarettes in dogs often present as circular lesions characterized by a rim or a peeling edge that are often noticed in […]
  • Doodle Dogs AllergiesDo Doodle Dogs Shed and Cause Allergies?
      Whether doodle dogs shed is an important question perspective doodle owners should ask before investing in this mixed breed. Doodle dogs […]
  • Infected Neuter Incision in DogsInfected Neuter Incision in Dogs
      An infected neuter incision in dogs is something concerning that requires veterinary attention. The vet during surgery will take several […]
  • Infiltrative Lipomas in DogsUnderstanding Infiltrative Lipomas in Dogs
      Infiltrative lipomas in dogs, although benign, are more problematic than regular lipomas. If your vet found an infiltrative lipoma on […]
  • Dog Skin InfectionDog Skin Infection After Grooming
      It may seem quite ironic for a dog skin infection after grooming to arise when grooming is expected to help improve the condition of a […]

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