• Interdigital Pyoderma in DogsInterdigital Pyoderma in Dogs
      Interdigital pyoderma in dogs is a common condition seen in veterinary practice and can be a frustrating and challenging condition to […]
  • Dogs With HypothyroidismSkin Problems in Dogs With Hypothyroidism
      Skin problems in dogs with hypothyroidism are not an unusual ordeal considering the way hormones affect the dog’s body and the […]
  • Skin Pigmentation Changes in DogsCauses of Skin Pigmentation Changes in Dogs
      There are various causes of skin pigmentation changes in dogs and not always the underlying cause can be easily identified. If your dog […]
  • Dog Has Scaly SkinHelp, My Dog Has Scaly Skin
      If your dog has scaly skin, it’s important that you see your vet for proper diagnosis and treatment. Scaly skin in dogs can be due […]
  • Dog with Thickened, Leathery SkinDog Has Thickened, Leathery Skin
      A dog with thickened, leathery skin is an abnormal finding considering that in normal, healthy dogs the skin should be rather smooth. The […]

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