• Dog with Thickened, Leathery SkinDog Has Thickened, Leathery Skin
      A dog with thickened, leathery skin is an abnormal finding considering that in normal, healthy dogs the skin should be rather smooth. The […]
  • Skin Biopsy in DogsTypes of Skin Biopsy in Dogs
      The types of skin biopsy in dogs are various and the choice of one over another is often a matter of evaluating which one is most […]
  • Dog Bite Puncture WoundTreating a Dog Bite Puncture Wound
      A dog bite puncture wound is something that requires attention considering the high risks for infection. Dog bite puncture wounds indeed […]
  • Crusty Nose in DogsCauses of a Crusty Nose in Dogs
      The causes of a crusty nose in dogs are various and it is therefore important investigating any underlying potential causes. Dogs owners […]
  • Epidermal Collarettes in DogsEpidermal Collarettes in Dogs
      Epidermal collarettes in dogs often present as circular lesions characterized by a rim or a peeling edge that are often noticed in […]

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