• Dog ArthritisAdequan for Dog Arthritis
      Adequan for dog arthritis is a medication that is prescribed to many dogs suffering from joint and mobility issues. As dogs age, they […]
  • Shoulder Injuries in DogsTypes of Shoulder Injuries in Dogs
      Identifying shoulder injuries in dogs at times can be challenging considering that the dog’s shoulder is part of the dog’s […]
  • Front Leg Limping in DogsCauses of Front Leg Limping in Dogs
      Front leg limping in dogs is something that needs to be investigated by a veterinarian. Any time a dog has an abnormal gait, it is cause […]
  • My Dog Walking SidewaysHelp, Why is My Dog Walking Sideways?
      A dog walking sideways may be a concern for dog owners, especially when the dog starts walking this way out of the blue. There may be […]
  • Leg Swelling in DogsCauses of Dog Leg Swelling
      Dog leg swelling is a symptom that requires investigation by a veterinarian. There can be several causes of swollen legs in dogs and some […]

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