• My Dog Walking SidewaysHelp, Why is My Dog Walking Sideways?
      A dog walking sideways may be a concern for dog owners, especially when the dog starts walking this way out of the blue. There may be […]
  • Leg Swelling in DogsCauses of Dog Leg Swelling
      Dog leg swelling is a symptom that requires investigation by a veterinarian. There can be several causes of swollen legs in dogs and some […]
  • Leg Cramps in DogsLeg Cramps in Dogs (Charley Horse)
      Leg cramps in dogs are not very common. In many cases, what looks like leg cramps in dogs turn out being some other sort of orthopedic […]
  • Peeling Paw Pads in DogsCauses of Peeling Paw Pads in Dogs
      The issue of peeling paw pads in dogs is obviously a major problem considering that dogs spend a good chunk of their lives on their feet. […]
  • Dog Walking on the Top of PawsKnuckling: A Dog Walking on the Top of Paws
      A dog walking on the top of paws (often referred to as knuckling) may be suggestive of some type of degeneration of the nervous system. […]

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