• Dental Problems in Old DogsDental Problems in Old Dogs
      Dental problems in old dogs are not unusual. If you own a senior dog, it is paramount for you to keep an eye on your dog’s teeth […]
  • Dog Licking EverythingWhat’s Up With a Dog Licking Everything?
      A dog licking everything is often cause for concern to dog owners, especially when the licking is pretty much frantic with the dog acting […]
  • Oral Osteosarcoma in DogsOral Osteosarcoma in Dogs
      Oral osteosarcoma in dogs is a serious condition. The term osteosarcoma refers to a malignant type of bone tumor. The term oral […]
  • Dog Has a ToothacheFive Signs A Dog Has a Toothache (Dental Pain)
      The signs a dog has a toothache are not always as straightforward as one may imagine. Dogs can be quite stoic beings and therefore have a […]
  • Pulse Therapy for DogsPulse Therapy for Dog Teeth
      Pulse therapy for dog teeth is an alternate approach that can be applied to dogs who, due to old age or underlying health issues, cannot […]

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