• Red Tongue in DogsCauses of a Red Tongue in Dogs
      A red tongue in dogs can be alarming, considering that the normal color of a dog’s tongue is generally for the most part pink. The […]
  • Puppy's Baby Teeth Won't Fall OutHelp, My Puppy’s Baby Teeth Won’t Fall Out
      If your puppy’s baby teeth won’t fall out, you are right to be concerned. Retained baby teeth in puppies can turn quite […]
  • Oral Melanoma in DogsOral Melanoma Dog Life Expectancy
      If your dog was diagnosed with a malignant melanoma in the mouth, you may be wondering about oral melanoma dog life expectancy. When it […]
  • Epulides in DogsTypes of Epulis in Dogs (Gum Boils)
      There are three main types of epulis in dogs (also referred to as gum boils, masses found on the dog’s gums) and their treatment […]
  • Mouth Cancers in DogsTypes of Mouth Cancer in Dogs
      There are many types of mouth cancer in dogs and it’s important to recognize their early signs as soon as possible. Life expectancy […]

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