• Benadryl for Dog AllergiesBenadryl for Dog Allergies
      Benadryl for dog allergies is an over-the-counter medication more and more dog owners are reaching out for. Many dogs nowadays suffer […]
  • Tramadol vs. Gabapentin For DogsTramadol vs. Gabapentin For Dogs
      Tramadol vs. gabapentin for dogs: which drug works faster and better for pain control? Often times, when dog owners are faced with their […]
  • Steroids in DogsHow to Taper Off Steroids in Dogs
      Understanding how to taper off steroids in dogs is important because steroids, unlike several other types of drugs, need to be gradually […]
  • Steroids for DogsTypes of Steroids for Dogs
      There are several types of steroids for dogs and not all of them are created equally. Also known as corticosteroids, steroids, the […]
  • Effects of Steroids on a Dog's LiverEffects of Steroids on a Dog’s Liver (Vacuolar Hepatopathy)
      The effects of steroids on a dog’s liver can be virtually seen in any dog who is prescribed any type of steroid medications; […]

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