• Dogs with Eyelash ProblemsEyelash Problems in Dogs
      Eyelash problems in dogs may not sound like a major problem, but they can certainly contribute to annoying ocular conditions that may […]
  • Dog Has a Scratched EyeHelp, My Dog Has a Scratched Eye
      If your dog has a scratched eye, you may be rightfully concerned considering that a dog’s eye can sustain significant damage from a […]
  • Dog's Eye UlcerHelp, My Dog’s Eye Ulcer Won’t Heal
      A dog’s eye ulcer won’t heal at times as one would hope it would. It can be very disappointing when dog owners treat their […]
  • Dogs with Droopy Lower EyelidsDogs with Droopy Lower Eyelids (Ectropion)
      Dogs with droopy lower eyelids are prone to several secondary complications associated with this anatomical feature. Several dog breeds […]
  • Dog Eye DischargeHow to Soften Dog Eye Discharge
      To soften dog eye discharge, it’s important to take precautions so to prevent the problem from getting worse. While there are […]

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