• Mucus in Dog's StoolReasons for Mucus in Dog’s Stool
      If your dog’s stool appears slimy, you may be looking for reasons for mucus in dog’s stool. Normally, a dog’s stool […]
  • Clostridium Difficile in DogsCan Dogs Get Clostridium Difficile?
      At some point, dog owners may wonder “Can dogs get Clostridium difficile?” And if so, what is the Clostridium difficile […]
  • Dog Swallowed Hot FoodHelp, My Dog Swallowed Hot Food
      Let’s face it: as an opportunistic eater, your dog likely enjoys gulping down food like there’s no tomorrow, but what if your […]
  • Help, My Dog Ate Acorns and is Throwing UpHelp, My Dog Ate Acorns and is Throwing Up
      If your dog ate acorns and is throwing up, you are rightfully concerned. Ingestion of acorns can be quite problematic especially for […]
  • Dogs Eat Cat FoodCan Dogs Eat Cat Food?
      Dogs are attracted to many types of foods, and sometimes cat food is what gets their attention but can dogs eat cat food? Well, of course […]

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