• Pancreatitis in DogsPancreatitis in Dogs
      Pancreatitis in dogs is the inflammation of the dog’s pancreas, an organ known for carrying out several important functions in the […]
  • My Dog's X-rays Show GasMy Dog’s X-rays Show Gas
      If your dog’s x-rays show gas, you may be worried and wonder what may cause this accumulation. Whether to worry or not, usually […]
  • Deworming a PuppyWorming a Puppy for the First Time
      Worming a puppy for the first time gives puppies a good headstart in life considering the negative impact a belly full of worms can have […]
  • Dog Has Pencil-Thin PoopMy Dog Has Pencil-Thin Poop
      When a dog has pencil-thin poop, dog owners may be wondering what is happening to their beloved companions and what they can do to help […]
  • Dog Throwing Up BloodHematemesis, Dog Throwing Up Blood
      There are various causes for a dog throwing up blood and it’s therefore important to seek veterinary attention so to go to the […]

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