• Skin Biopsy in DogsTypes of Skin Biopsy in Dogs
      The types of skin biopsy in dogs are various and the choice of one over another is often a matter of evaluating which one is most […]
  • ACTH Test For DogsProcedure and Cost of ACTH Test For Dogs
      Learning more about the procedure and cost of ACTH test for dogs is something of interest to dog owners with dogs suspected of suffering […]
  • Dog Liver Biopsy ProcedureDog Liver Biopsy Procedure and Costs
      A dog liver biopsy procedure may have been recommended for your dog and you may be wondering about the what the procedure entails and its […]
  • Dogs with Elevated Alkaline PhosphataseElevated Alkaline Phosphatase in Dogs
      Elevated alkaline phosphatase in dogs is a common finding when dogs undergo blood tests. In order to better understand the meaning of […]
  • Dog LaryngoscopyWhat Happens During a Dog Laryngoscopy
      A dog laryngoscopy is an effective procedure if your vet suspects your dog has a problem localized in the larynx. Many dog owners wonder […]

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