• Prostate Cancer in DogsSigns of Prostate Cancer in Dogs
      Prostate cancer in humans is well-known, but what about prostate cancer in dogs? Although prostate cancer in dogs is not as common as in […]
  • Bone Cancer of the Skull in DogsBone Cancer of the Skull in Dogs
      Bone cancer of the skull in dogs is not a very common type of cancer, considering that the primary locations for dog bone cancer are the […]
  • Dog Spleen CancerYunnan Baiyou For Dog Spleen Cancer
      Yunnan baiyou for dog spleen cancer is becoming more and more popular in veterinary medicine. Spleen cancer is a very serious condition […]
  • Dogs With Spleen TumorsLife Expectancy of Dogs With Spleen Tumors
      If you are wondering about the life expectancy of dogs with spleen tumors most likely your dog has been diagnosed with a spleen tumor and […]
  • Dog TumorsSurgery for Removing Dog Tumors
      Surgery for removing dog tumors is medically referred to as “surgical oncology”  and remains one of the oldest ways of […]

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