• Dog with Rib Bone CancerRib Bone Cancer in Dogs
      Rib bone cancer in dogs is not as common as bone cancer affecting the legs, but nevertheless remains a worrisome condition. There are two […]
  • End Stage Lung Cancer in DogsSymptoms of End Stage Lung Cancer in Dogs
      End stage lung cancer in dogs (stage IV) is unfortunately the most debilitating stage that affects quality of life and impairs important […]
  • Toe Cancer in DogsTypes of Toe Cancer in Dogs
      Toe cancer in dogs is one of the many types of cancer that can potentially affect dogs. Early recognition of problems associated with a […]
  • Dog Bladder CancerDog Bladder Cancer Life Expectancy
      If your dog was diagnosed with bladder cancer, you may be wondering what’s the dog bladder cancer life expectancy. Bladder cancer […]
  • Dog Chemotherapy CostsA Guide to Dog Chemotherapy Costs
      If your dog has cancer, you may be wondering about dog chemotherapy costs. Chemotherapy in dogs is used more and more to manage a variety […]

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