• Dog AllergiesApoquel for Dog Allergies
      Apoquel for dog allergies is a widely used medication that has been gaining more and more popularity, but how is Apoquel different from […]
  • Dog Has an Itchy BottomHelp, My Dog Has an Itchy Bottom
      If your dog has an itchy bottom, you may be wondering what may be causing it so that you can get to the “bottom of it” and […]
  • EpiPen for DogsCan You Give Your Dog a Human EpiPen?
      If your dog has developed several episodes of serious allergic reactions in the past, perhaps bordering anaphylactic shock, you may be […]
  • Help for Dogs Allergic to Plastic BowlsHelp for Dogs Allergic to Plastic Bowls
      Among the vast array of things dog may be allergic to, dogs allergic to plastic bowls may appear to develop telltale signs such as […]
  • Swollen Lips in DogsCauses of Swollen Lips in Dogs
      Swollen lips in dogs are more than a cosmetic ordeal and you may be wondering what you can do about it. The causes of swollen lips in […]

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